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In early 2023, Undo Poverty: Flushing has worked alongside junshuzi 俊淑姿 to craft an impactful brochure centered around job readiness and interview insights for the community. This collaboration is made possible through the What Can We Do? 2023 microgrant, generously provided by the Asian American Arts Alliance.


Our shared efforts have resulted in the creation of a valuable resource that will be printed and shared within the local community. As Undo Poverty: Flushing continues to provide programs and resources for community members, this brochure stands as a testament to our collective dedication to empowering and enriching the individuals we serve.


junshuzi 俊淑姿

junshuzi俊淑姿 is a Chinese American artist duo comprised of Nina Jun Yuchi 尉迟俊 and Stephanie Wu 伍淑姿.  They are focused on examining diasporic identity and radical politics through design and self-publishing. In addition to printed pieces, junshuzi俊淑姿 also conducts reading discussions and facilitates conversations surrounding these topics to cultivate a holistic discipline.


Their work explores the possibility of nurturing a design community in both a digital and physical space. In the past, junshuzi俊淑姿 has collaborated with POWRPLNT, Secret Riso Club, Better World x Design and RISD Graphic Design for workshops.

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