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Let’s Shape the Future of Flushing Together

By lending your voice, you're actively shaping the future and championing community-driven resolutions to the challenges we face. Join us now in taking the first step by participating in our comprehensive Community Evaluation Survey. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow in Flushing.

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Undo poverty: Flushing

Undo poverty: Flushing

Undo poverty: Flushing

Undo poverty: Flushing

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COMMUNITY Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group consists of 14 individuals that live and or work in Flushing. In addition to providing feedback on all programmatic updates monthly, members formed subcommittees based on Flushing needs and their interest. The three subcommittees are: housing access, language access, and job and career readiness. We welcome individuals that care and want to give feedback on Flushing to join! 

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Partners Advisory Group

The Partners Advisory Group is made up of various organizations and agencies, both public and private, whose focus cuts across different sectors. Entities from among local government, area businesses, faith organizations, healthcare, and academia are welcome and have committed their support to this endeavor. The Partners Advisory Group helps the collaborative respond in a comprehensive manner to the problems identified.


Previously known as the workforce readiness program, Undo Poverty Flushing connects individuals with Advocates to learn about and access local community resources such as English literacy, food relief, and career training.

  • Flushing residents are heavily concerned with rapid development in the neighborhood and its effects on housing, such as rent affordability. 

  • Different age groups are interested in different career fields. 

    For example, older community members seek more stable jobs, while younger community members seek a career that aligns with their interests.

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